doner3The first description of entrepreneurship is made early in 18 th century  by an economist Richard Cantillon who is from Ireland and lives in France . In this description entrepreneur is declared such a person who buys and produces  the inputs of production and  the services of the production in order to sale with price which has not marked. The entrepreneur is such a person who attempts to carry out a work by putting in funds in the areas such as; trade, industry,and who undertakes the risk in order to generate profit.  The entrepreneur sums all items of the production in optimum conditions in order to   produce  goods and services. The entrepreneur undertakes the risk by commercialism and buys the items of the production in order to be enough for the requirements; provides the facility for summing these actions up. Together with the commercialism, the entrepreneur accepts the loss too. Entrepreneurship is spelled as, human’s brain drain turns into an economic value, and it is one of the production factors. Properties of the  Entrepreneur is : Undertaking the risk;  providing the production factors for producing goods, finished goods and services ; creating the fourth production factor by orienting the goods, finished goods and the services to overcome determined requirements. In The Resolution of Key Sufficiencies which was setted by European Parliament, and Council in the date of 18th December 2006, about The Lifelong Learning Skills; there is icluded that one of the eight key sufficiences called the emotion of calling the shots, and entrepreneurship at all stages of education, and training which is achieved to be got for the people. In order to be a successfull entrepreneur, some basic personel specialities, such as; creativeness, committing, determination, flexibility, leadership, passion, and self-confidence are wanted to be in placed.  Performance factors of entrepreneurs’ can be classified as motivation, strategy, and realist vision. Indicators of entrepreneurs’ clairvoyance are taking decision for future by determining the asset, and liable requirements of the fellow citizen,and  carrying on the feelings, and experiences of the entrepreneur. As behavioral the concept of entrepreneurship can be defined like; to evaluate a chance, to define a business idea, to find the sources needed, after that, to activate an enterprise, and total actions which is needed for getting the results of it. The four main elements of the thought of enterprise are: being innovative, and creative; undertaking the risks; leadership; and the conception of competitive. The aim of entrepreneurship is, deployment from the chances appeared, or creating new chances. As such entrepreneurship is, kind of process which tend to creating the chances, and following them; seperately from whether the sources are checked or not. The entrepreneurs implement so much functions economically, and socially. Together with the global economy which develops continual, every day a new element is put to the functions of entrepreneurs. Because of this reason, especially the functions of modern entrepreneur appears multiply. These functions can be predicated as; organising the producing, and providing; providing the product variety; job creation;  the creation of new markets, and new marketting technichs; providing capital accumulation. The interior entrepreneurs are such people, who have the essence of entrepreneur in the company, able to see the chance of creating new ideas, not only creating new ideas, but also, transform these ideas, and models to real factors which raise the funds, and competitive capacity of that company they are. Although the facility of entrepreneurs, and interior entrepreneurs seem like they are the same; their responsibilities assumed, and the limits of their decisions are different from each other. The facet of their award earned or the losses they should face after the risk they had undertaken are different for both of them. They start to do their job, by preparing business plan for the job they have done its feasibility. The entrepreneurs can use the business plan for several aims. This aims can be classified like: Communication, planning, and management. The communication is used in the meaning of; agent, providing funds from business plan, making the invest ,that will be made, appeal, finding strategic partners.

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