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Business plan is a document which includes the ideas, the goals, and the plans of the investor about a job or a project which is setted or was thought to be setted. This document is a leading guide for the investor in order to that project can be embodied, and for the process of business creation, and management. The business plan is a written document, a file, which is prepared for the creation of that business, and ambodied. In this file the determined things are: The investors facilities, and capabilities about that project; the facilities of that company in terms of past, and the future; prospects from the future; management structure, and the partners; the target audience who the company would like to achieve; and the facilities of markets marked.  Moreover in this file the illustrated things are: the saling, and marketting plans which will be used for achieving the marked customer; the products, and services which is planned to produce; the business processes, and plans for production; the organising and processes in order to management; the appraisal saling plans of the company; the financial movements, and funds of the company; the risks, and the chances which the company is faced with. The investor ,whose business plans had prepared, will analyse its goals, and in order to achieve its  goals,  will make some plans. The business plan has several benefits.

The sections of business plans

Tthe business plan generally starts with the table of contents, and the following:

  • The sum of the manager
  • The information about the job/project which will be setted
  • The aims of the project/ company
  • The marketting Plan
  • The plan of production, service, and trade
  • Management plan
  • Finance plan
  • Time Table
  • The table of important risks
  • Knobs
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