Social Entrepreneurship

Prof. Dr. Necdet SAĞLAM

Anadolu University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

In recent years, the voluntary sector has discovered the things which  the private sector long time ago has learned and the concept of social entrepreneurship has emerged. The entrepreneurs are such people who works on some topics such as; to base social influence, innovativeness, sustainability, and growing upon from poorness to health, and from environment to human rights. These people built secular projects up by in terms of a problem or  requirement,  they sustain the project, and support to provide the social transform. Here, the aim of these people is not only builting just a project up, but also creating sustainable systems which will solve the requirement of communal and social or a problem. The entrepreneurs are such people who have the vision, and determination being able to carry on the sustain which contains working without having any negative thoughts.

From the entrepreneur’s point of view, new thoughts and ideas are very valuable. The entrepreneurs are such people who generate innovative  solutions for the most important social problems of society. These passionate, and strong minded people makes some new ideas for the important transformation, and they intervene for the communal social problems. They improve, and implement some new, different systems, and solutions depends on the requirements, and demands of society in the areas which the government, and private sector haven’t interested in or failed. These people are dreamy, and at the same time realist. They are such people who adapt by improving for the society, and zone of themself the methods and technics which was not implemented by others or was implemented by others.

At the present day, the only one way of generating value is not the economic value. Besides of the economic value, the social and humane values are also very important. Social values are such actions which is made for humanity, nature, and coming generations.

The leader social entrepreneurs prove the ability of many things which the requirements of fellow citizen, by channelizing their thoughts to the action,and they improve the local and universal models. For example, the system improved by the founder of micro credit ( micro finance), and the owner of Nobel Reward, economist, Bangladeshi labeled: Muhammed Yunus; is sign of hope for the people for struggling with poorness by many   country. Microfinance without access to traditional banking and related services , including consumers and the self-employed , low-income customers of financial services or loans to solidarity groups were presented.

The social enrepreneurs work on the jobs which will be supported widespread, and maximize the benefits of citizens, understandable, moral, user-friendly. These people provide leadership the society by they themselves, their  companies, associations, and foundations. They are founder. They are the role models for the fellow citizens. For example, Hayrettin Karaca, after his business life, has built the Tema Foundation which is one of the examples of the most effective, and the most widespread social entrepreneurship in the area of environment. The Tema Foundation, has become a volunteer network throughout the country, by compound with the effective shield activities, successfull models of environment saving, and improvement, and the most widespread educations for children, teenagers, and adults.

The social entrepreneurs don’t service just a party or a conception, they service for all society and humanity. Social entrepreneurs will make a difference in society without discrimination from the world of poverty , hunger, thirst , diseases , elimination of environmental pollution and they do contribute to the development of human consciousness. These people, service with a common motivation, they build social values up, the places where lots of politic thoughts are, the countries where lots of beliefs are,in the world, and inside of all aconomic models.

Here some examples can be shown for social entrepreneurs in the world ,such as; In USA: Women’s Rights Struggle ,Susan B. Anthony,; In India: The organiser of the Land Donation Movement and the leader of this, Vinoba Bhave,; In UK: The organiser of Modern Nursing, Florence Nightingale,; In France: The Corporation of Europe Coal and Steel Group, and from here to The European Union,Jean Monnet.

The social entrepreneur work as if a Professional leader, and use their needed leadership skills, and entrepreneurship skills, in order tobenefit for the society. The entrepreneur, get the most out of the methods, such as; usefull for the commercial area, marketting, communication, business development . The system they built can realize profits, but this profit doesn’t used by partners as individual earnings. They focus on bigger models which will achieve the social transformations, instead of focusing on the profit they will have.

In conclusion, like entrepreneurs ,who changes the face of business community, the social entrepreneurs are also the important instruments of communal transformation. They create new occasions by able to see the things which the others can not see, they change the systems, and they make solutions for the important problems of society by finding new approaches. As the business enterpriser builds new industries, the social entrepreneurs also try to find innovative solutions for the communal problems, and they execute this solutions extensively. The rising number of the social entrepreneurs’ is important for the way of the development of Turkey, and achieving the level of contemporary civilizations.

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